BRAND NEW: LOWE 10 - Anvil pruner with curved blades

Outstanding cutting capacity and maximum efficiency

We combined the advantages of anvil technology and bypass geometry into a new-to-market pruning shear – our novel LOWE 10.

This innovative model is the perfect solution for utmost requirements due to its durable, robust construction, slim, and tapered design, making it a perfect cutting tool for olive and fruit tree pruning, as well as dry or hard wood. Due to its innovative design, the cutting capacity has been extended up to 30 mm, which also optimizes its power transmission. With its off-center positioned blade, LÖWE 10 enables pruning closer to the stem.

More information about LOWE 10 you'll find here.

New Original LOWE pruning shears

The new compact models LOWE 14 and LOWE 15

The bypass pruner LÖWE 14 convinces with its compact design and good balance. By installing a dual shock absorber we have minimized cutting impact, the slim and pointed design offers as well in tight locations access and the possibility for a clean cut. The blade with built-in wire cutter completes the picture of this lightweight model.

The anvil pruner LÖWE 15 is once more a combination of an anvil pruner and a bypass pruner (analogous to LÖWE 7 and LÖWE 8). The combination of anvil technology plus bypass geometry convinces right down the line. This pruner likewise offers due to its compact design and lightweight a perfect balance and an incredible easy cut.

We offer the new series each with two different and established handle styles:

14.104 standard handle shape

14.107 handles curved inwards, ideal for small hands

15.104 standard handle shape

15.107 handles curved inwards, ideal for small hands

Original LOWE shears

Gebr. Schroder GmbH manufactures and distributes worldwide, a range of high quality pruners and cutters under the brand Original LOWE. In 1923, company founder Walther Schroder developed the first anvil pruner in the world. Today Gebr. Schroder GmbH is managed by the third generation Schroder family and is the world leader in anvil pruners.

Original LOWE offers a complete range of professional pruners and loppers for all aspects of commercial and domestic Horticulture and Gardening.

Original LOWE also provides a range of professional tools utilizing the anvil principle for applications into industry and trade, cutters like slat cutters, tube cutters, miter cutters and other specialized cutters, complete the range of quality cutting tools.

All Original LOWE shears are manufactured to the highest standards of quality at our own production facility in Kiel - Made in Germany.

We hope you enjoy browsing through the world of Original LOWE shears. Original LOWE - Because every cut matters.