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Novafor Equipement inc.

Novafor Équipement inc.

735, Industriel, suite 102

Québec, Canada, J7C 3V3

Tel.: 001-450-4341166
Fax: 001-18668406836

E-Mail: info(at)

Created in 2001, Novafor is a firm comprised of a multidisciplinary group of forest eingineers, specialized technicians and arborists, renowned throughout the province.

Novafor is synonymous with many years of practical and concrete experience in many industries where nature is in the foreground.

Since 2005, Novafor also acts as a distributor of forestry, arborist and horticultural equipment. They combine rigor and professionalism, for residential customers, as much as for companies, industries, cities, institutions and government.