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Vodospad LLC

Vodospad LLC

Khoriva str. 31A; Verchniy Val str.; 34/13

04071 Kiew


Tel.: 0038 044 5314507

Fax: 0038 044 5314508

E-Mail: ltdvodospad(at); info(at)


The company "Vodospad" LLC  was founded in 1993 and successfully operates more than 15 years on the market of selling power tools and garden tools."Vodospad" LLC specializes in the sale , maintenance, repair of professional power tools and gardening equipment. In October 2013, "Vodospad" LLC has opened a specialized 1st Garden Tool’s Professional Center in Ukraine, where you can get professional advice on the use of garden tools , to purchase tools to fit your goals and objectives, to provide its maintenance and warranty service.

Web-site of "Vodospad» LLC - - created not only to provide sales and promotion of power tools and garden equipment to the Ukrainian market , but also as an informational and journalistic, that reflects themes of: environmental (green) tourism, traveling, geological excursions, stone construction, landscape construction and maintenance of gardens , floriculture , horticulture, viticulture and winemaking.