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Original LÖWE pruning shears now available in Kazakhstan


We welcome our new partner Almaty Plast Express LLP to launch the original LÖWE pruning shears in Kazakhstan. This ninth-largest country on earth in the middle of Eurasia not only houses large cultivation areas for fruit, wine and vegetables in the south of the country, but is also the origin of all apple trees in the world.

In the Caucasus there are still many origins of the apple varieties known today. From here, the ancient Romans already brought fruit trees to Europe for further cultivation. The name of the Kazakh city Alma-Ata (Almaty) means translated as much as "City of the apple".

Knowing this, we are the more pleased to have found a perfect market specialist and a well-established supplier of all fruit growing businesses in Kazakhstan, with Mr. Bektemissov as the owner of Almaty Plast Express LLP.