Authorised Economic Operator

We are certified as "Authorised Economic Operator".

Authorised Economic Operators are very reliable and trustable partners in global goods management.

The AEO status stands for high quality and security standards as well as for a transparent and trustable business culture.

For downloading the AEO-certificate, please click on the logo below.

eco-power certificate

Randolph Schröder GmbH sources 100% of its electricity from renewable energy sources according to the criteria catalog Grüner-Strom-Label. With this purchase, this company reduces CO2 emissions by 130.5 tons per year compared to the German power mix.

Approved exporder

A Companies could be authorized as „approved exporter” if it has received the permission for simplified exports of the chief customs office.

The export of goods is simplified by discontinuation of the movement certificate EUR.1 or EUR-MED. In case of movements of goods EG-Turkey it is allowed to use the handled in advance movement certificate A.TR.

An approved exporter has to guarantee the character of origin by its in-house work- and organization instructions without any doubt. Caused by this, the customs administration has standardized minimum requirements in the standing orders.