Cutters for industry and trade

For cutting particularly flat and hard materials, which require significantly more force, we offer various cutter models with an additional lever transmission. more

The robust and extremely versatile anvil cutters for industry and trade are suitable for the widest variety of materials and, thanks to the different blade lengths available. more

Our mitre cutters and slat cutters are anvil cutters with stop faces for clean 45° or 90° cutting. more

For easy cutting through harder materials, they are also available with a power-assisted lever transmission. more

These anvil cutters with stop faces are equipped with particularly long blades, to enable a clean 45° or 90° cut. more

For particularly hard and flat materials which require more effort to cut, these models are available with lever transmission. more

Our sealing profile cutters, which have been specially developed for window and door fitters, are perfectly suited to cutting rubber profiles as well as for coping the flexible weatherstrip, e.g. of the façade sealing strip. more

Our lever cutters are designed for clean and easy cutting of larger-sized slats, plastic profiles and many other items. more

These cutters were developed for cutting cable ducts and plastic mouldings. The easy cutting effect is achieved by a special cutting geometry. more

Our tube and hose cutters allow you to cut hoses, plastic tubes and round stock effortlessly. Be it for a defined diameter, as a universal cutter, or for maximum precision with a triangular blade. more

With their extremely hard and sharp trapezoidal blades, these cutters are especially well suited to softer items. more

Our LÖWE 3904 has been specially developed for on-the-spot installation and repair work. mehr

You don´t know which LOWE shear to choose for your application?

In the decision support you have the opportunity to filter the shears by their characteristics. We developed this filter only as a rough guideline to find out what fits best to your requirements.

Have a look at our spare parts! For each LOWE shear all spare parts are available and can be replaced easily. more