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Raceyard, Formula Student Team Kiel

As a sponsor, we support the Formula Student Team "Raceyard"  of the college in Kiel.

In this project, students build a single seat racing car with electric motor and then compete against teams from all over the world. The competition, however, is not simply won by the team with the fastest car, but rather of the team with the best overall package. To succeed in this, interdisciplinary teamwork and an efficient team structure in particular are crucial. At the end, a jury of experts from the motorsport, automotive and supplier industries judge every design, cost planning and business plan. Furthermore, the performance on the racetrack is decisive, here the students’ self-built single-seaters prove how well they hold up under real-life conditions in a number of so called dynamic disciplines.

We are pleased to be able to support this local project which complements the study of practical know-how of design and manufacturing as well as the economic aspects of the automotive industry.

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Drachensee foundation

For many years we we cooperate with the Drachensee Foundation (Stiftung Drachensee). The Drachensee Foundation is one of the biggest social institutions in the province of Schleswig-Holstein that provides a differentiated choice to people with disabilities. The institution offers 620 recognized workshop places at 3 locations in Kiel. In the department for metal working approximately 80 employees assemble Original LÖWE pruning shears and cutters for industry and trade.

Ronald McDonald House Kiel

The Ronald McDonald House in Kiel is a beautiful villa made of red brick, which provides a temporary home to families with seriously ill children. While the diseased children are treated in the neighboring University Hospital, their families live in one of the apartments of the house and can accompany the treatment at close range.

Since 2012 we sponsor the apartment no. 5 in the Ronald McDonald House in Kiel. Consistently we have positive experiences in which families and their children will be helped and our social commitment becomes a matter of the heart.

Plan International Deutschland e.V.

Since 2006, we have assumed sponsorships for children in Africa, Asia, Central and South America. Today we support a total of 40 children.

Plan`s vision is of a world in which all children realise their full potential in societies that that respect people`s rights and dignity.

Through our sponsorship at Plan we want to help that child grow up healthy and develop freely. We offer our sponsored children the chance of an education, medical assistance and participate with joy in their development.

Kindergarten grant

The Gebr. Schröder GmbH has also a social responsibility to their employees.

By the kindergarten grant, we support the accommodation and care (including meals) of the  children of our employees who are not required to attend school yet.

eco-power certificate

Since 2012, we get our power completely from renewable energy sources. In this case the power generation takes place in alpine water power stations at 100%. Neither climate-damaging CO2 emissions, nor nuclear waste or other pollution emerge.

Here, too, with this decision our company accepts the responsibility for our environment, human being and nature.