History of Gebr. Schröder GmbH


    Foundation of the company "P. Nicolaisen Jun. Maschinenfabrik" in Kiel, Kirchhofallee 25. Among other products the engineering works manufactured greenhouses and agricultural implements.

    Take-over of the machine works by Fritz Howaldt, change of the company name to "Fritz Howaldt Maschinenbauanstalt". Walther Schröder is recruited as confidential clerk.


    Walther Schröder developes the world´s first anvil pruner and applies it for a patent, today still known as "LÖWE 1". First market entry into the european countries, Original LÖWE expands to Italy.


    Original LÖWE expands to the USA.

    The company "Seymour Smith & Sons Inc." manufactures and distributes the Original LÖWE shear under the name "Snap Cut Pruner" in the USA under license.

    At the same time the trademark "lion on cog wheel" is registered at the german patent office.

    "Löwe" (lion) is the nickname of Walther Schröder. Combined with a cog wheel, the typical sign for engineering works, the logo and the name of Original LÖWE shears was born.


    Invention of the Original LÖWE shear under the "Rolcut" brand in England by Colonel B.J. Walker.

    Foundation of the company "Fritz Howaldt Ltd." in London.


    Rolcut is taking over the manufacturing in London.

    For the first time Original LÖWE shears are distributed in Greece.


    The expansion to Denmark, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and the Netherlands was a big step towards worldwide trade with Original LÖWE shears in the 1950´s.

    Walther Schröder is taking over the company "Fritz Howaldt."

    Uwe and Rolf Schröder, the two sons of Walther Schröder, join the company.


    The manufacturing site of "Fritz Howaldt" is being relocated.

    Uwe and Rolf Schröder are taking over the company "Fritz Howaldt" from their deceased father Walther Schröder.

    Foundation of the company "LÖWE-Scheren GmbH".

    Change of the company name from "LÖWE-Scheren GmbH" into "Gebr. Schröder GmbH".

    Managing partner Rolf Schröder leaves the company.


    Dipl.-Ing. Randolph Schröder, grandson of company founder Walther Schröder, joins the company as a managing director and continues the business in the third generation.


    Uwe Schröder resigns after more than 50 years from the management of Gebr. Schröder GmbH.


    90 Years Original LÖWE

    We have taken this opportunity to design anniversary pruning shears which take their visual cues from the very first shears.

    This anniversary edition of the LÖWE 1, proven a million times over, combines the latest technology with a nostalgic design. The typeface and the logo reflect the first shears from the 20s. Lovingly designed plant shoots are engraved into the metal grips. This underscores the nostalgic appearance and gives the grips a higher degree of resistance to slipping. The presentation and design of the packaging has also been carried out with a nod towards the early years of our company's history. So both the image of the sitting man, snipping off a piece of branch, and the logo from the 30s are used.