Our production process

How we make our pruning shears - Original LOWE - Made in Germany

Original LÖWE pruning shears stand for durability, robustness and straightforward design. They are characterized by practical details, maximum efficiency and extreme durability in everyday use. Every component in a pair of Original LÖWE pruning shears is designed, produced and assembled in Germany by highly special trained personnel. 

The steel used for Original LÖWE blades is made to our own specifications in a German steelworks. The combination of this unique steel alloy and a hardening process tailored to its precise characteristics gives the blades their unrivalled strength. The latest CNC grinding machines coupled with precision hand grinding give LÖWE blades their outstanding sharp cutting edge, while continuous quality control of all components throughout the entire production process ensures the absolute reliability of our pruning shears.

Permanently improvement of our shears is very important to us. So, from now on all blades and hardened parts are covered with a high-quality coating against corrosion.

For further improvement of our shears, our blades are designed either for highest resilience or highest sharpness:

All Original LÖWE anvil pruning shears and all Original LÖWE loppers are made for highest resilience. These shears are ideal for cutting hard wood or thick branches.

All Original LÖWE bypass pruning shears are made for highest sharpness and are ideal for cutting soft woods and fibrous bark. The width of the cutting edge indicates the sharpness of the blades.

Which sharpness is best for the blade is determined by the type of shears and their application.

The higher a blade is hardened the sharper it can be ground. A very sharp blade offers an easier cut, but the cutting edge is not that resilient.

The blades of Original LÖWE bypass pruning shears are very hard and have a very sharp cutting edge. For this reason they cut very easily, but the resilience is not as high as of Original LÖWE anvil pruning shears and Original LÖWE loppers.

 These relations we diagram by our hardness matrix and our sharpness system.

 A wide array of factors thus come together to create our unique cutting tools, which are the instruments of choice for professional users all around the world.

Optimally protected against corrosion!

Optimally protected against corrosion!


We have dealt a long time with the question whether to coat a beautiful ground or polished steel surface of our pruning shears or not. 

Since the majority of our products are pruning shears for viniculture, horticulture and fruit growing, these are mainly used outdoors. Here the tools often have to face high humidity, so that bare steel surfaces can corrode unsightly. 

Thanks to our new high-quality coating, as of now, all steel parts are optimally protected against corrosion, without changing the features of the steel. The metal particles added to the coating create valuable optics like sandblasted steel. In addition, the conscious chosen darker coating of the blades contains non-stick particles, which facilitate the cutting performance and the cleaning of the blades. 

By the high-end, only 0.01 mm thick coating of the previously bare steel parts we have further improved the quality of our pruning shears. 

Original LÖWE, still a bit better – as every cut matters!

Dark grey coating LÖWE 1
Dark grey coating


corrosion protection, non-stick

Used on following parts:

All LOWE blades

Light grey coating
Light grey coating


corrosion protection

Used on following parts:

  • Body: LOWE 6, 7, 8, 9
  • Anvil lever: LOWE 15, 20, 22
  • Counterblade: LOWE 11, 12, 14, 21, 31