Original LÖWE has moved!


Dear customers, business partners and friends of our Original LÖWE scissors,

In August of this year we moved into our new location in Flintbek, a few kilometre South of Kiel. Two years of planning and almost one year of construction are behind us. After 36 years at the previous location in Kiel the capacity of our production plant was exhausted so much that we could not grow there any further. We are happy to work in modern offices now and to produce Original LÖWE pruners and cutters -Made in Germany- for you in a large, bright production facilities.

Our range of products comprises a wide variety of anvil and bypass pruners and cutters for professional use - in vineyards, orchards and horticulture, as well as for manifold industrial and craft applications. The core of our activities is the improvement of existing products and the development of new cutting solutions.We aim to produce the best cutting tools that meet the needs of our customers. Original LÖWE is the trusted partner for distributors and users worldwide. Original LÖWE pruners and cutters are appreciated by professionals - for over 90 years, in more than 90 countries.

I trust you will enjoy diving into the Original LÖWE world of cutting - because every cut matters!

Dipl.-Ing. Randolph Schröder, Geschäftsführer Gebr. Schröder GmbH - Flintbek







14.104 标准的手柄形状

14.107 向内弯曲手柄,适合小手使用

15.104 标准的手柄形状

15.107 向内弯曲手柄,适合小手使用


施罗德有限公司在世界范围内生产和销售原装狮牌剪刀。该剪刀式专业的工业、园林和高枝剪。公司创始人Walter Schoerder显示在1923年第一个发明了铁砧剪。目前为止公司已经由施罗德家族第三代管理和运行,而且仍然是全世界铁砧剪的领先企业。在工业和手工业领域,铁砧剪及其衍生产品可以完美的剪切管线、线槽、平板等产品。

所有“原装狮牌”剪刀无一例外都在我们基尔的车间生产, 德国制造。